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BabySamples is a totally free service that connects parents with major baby product manufacturers to test and find the best products for your new baby. 

Knowing what products to buy for your baby can be confusing.  BabySamples helps take the guesswork out of knowing what products are right for you by providing samples for you to try!

How BabySamples Works:
  • Step 1: Apply Below -  BabySamples membership is 100% free and takes less than 3 minutes to apply!
  • Step 2:  Await Application Decision - We will let you know if you have been accepted with 24 hour of your application.
  • Step 3:  Let the Sampling Begin - Once your membership is approved we will connect you with our favorite products from leading manufactures.  

Some of our favorite brands...

Frequently Asked Questions:
Why do I have to apply to be part of BabySamples?
There are a couple of reasons...  First, there is a limited supply on most of the samples we are able to provide. This fact alone requires us to be selective to ensure that we are doing a good job for those that are selected.  

Second, we try to only send samples that are most helpful at the time you need them.  A first time expectant mother would get access to different products than a father of two...for example.  
How much does it cost to use BabySamples?
If your application is accepted BabySamples.com is completely free.  From time to time we may ask for you to review the samples but there is no charge to use our service.
How long is the application?
The application takes less than 3 minutes to compete.
Are all the samples free? 
We do our best to provide all of our samples for free.  From time to time we do get access to special BabySamples discounts that we make available to our members but there is no obligation to participate.  
What sort of baby products will I be able to sample?
We give access to all different types of baby products from many different manufacturers.  But a short list is would be:  Diapers, bottles, pacifiers, onesies, formula and much much more.  
I am a _______ (dad, grandmother, caregiver etc.) Can I still apply?
Of course!  Often times baby manufacturers are looking for someone besides the mother to test their products and when that happens we need people just like you!

Elaine Reynolds says:

It is hard to know what products I should buy for my baby when there are so many choices. BabySamples.com helped me by letting me try before I bought anything. 

Charles Pitts says:

My wife asked me to pick out a baby bottle for our newborn.  I had no idea how many choices there were.  I am so grateful that BabySamples helped me make the right decision!  

Elizabeth Ruth says:

As a mother of twins it is important to make smart buying decisions for my boys.  BabySamples helped me find the right products for my family by allowing me to save time and money.     
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